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Beliefs of resurrection after death

Associated with ancient Egyptian religion closely related to the doctrine of resurrection and immortality, for their strong belief that death is not the only trip to cross from the world of temporal life into the world of permanent life and eternity , and these premises , which formed the core of the Egyptian religion , the search for the secret of immortality , he served the Egyptian concern, not only immortality the ( Ba ) spirit but also the immortality of the ( Ka ) of the body , and in light of this relentless pursuit to keep the body Egyptians excelled in the art of hot where scientists the world over the twentieth century , and tried to imitate it in different ways the art of mummification , which turned into a secret world hidden immortality , who did not realize what it might be after the flag .
Not another puzzles
The embalming is not the last puzzles not the first , but in a series of puzzles many scientists are trying to decipher , did not reveal the hieroglyphics on the secrets of the pyramids , which are specially designed as tombs for the burial of kings , and interpreted by some in recent studies it was an astronomical observatory visits , and a warehouse for grain once again , and last but not least reach some scientists Americans to uncover claims that the pyramids , especially the Great Pyramid was stored for power generation, but attempts were made to simulate the art of mummification is based on keeping the body of the deceased , by cooling the nitrogen gas to high scores below zero , to save the body in capsule and saved what looked like a refrigerator , which is the way followed in embalming the body of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the communist state in Russia, who died in 4291 and his body was mummified remains in the Red Square in Moscow.
Any awe of those that when you stand Tantabk Hall mummies in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo , and you see the mummy of Ramses II in full detail .. A man is dead, but his body still retains its shape with a bit of drought , any sense that you feel in this situation , you're not in front of the mystery unfold nominally yet? ! And is one of the secrets of mummification , which singled out by the class of the Egyptians , and in an attempt to save his secrets and not to inform anyone of neighboring states it , putting a legitimate question , why the ancient mummification took this secret ?
Do it relates to the ritual of death and the afterlife only ?
Or that there are other reasons behind this secrecy ?

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